Ben-Amun Jewelry Sculpture Garden Oval Drop Earrings Mens Earrings Near Me



Sculptural gold-tone earrings featuring oval design with near-floating carnelian stones in bezel setting. Part of the Ben-Amun Sculptural Garden Collection, this unique statement earring provides a chic and modern atmosphere for daily casual wear, which transitions wonderfully to an evening ensemble; a center piece that will be the focus point of your outfit.

Ben-Amun jewelry is assembled by highly skilled jewelers with quality material and immense attention to detail. A well crafted luxury jewelry that truly makes a woman feel feminine and elegant.

The perfect gift for yourself or your cherish loved one.

Material: Carnelian, 24K Gold Plating

Size: 1.92 L, 0.92 W

Features: Fish Hook

Intended use: Valentines Day, Anniversary, Mothers Day, Birthday, Evening Parties, Special Occasions, Holidays, Casual Wear, and Photography

Made in New York

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