Gold Plated Brass Steampunk Gear Earrings – 1.7×1.9 Industrial Design Creole Hoops – Street Habit 8 Gauge Earrings



The hoop earrings, crafted in gold plated brass, are the epitome of the industrial chic fashion movement. For anyone appreciating the details of gears and mechanisms, these steampunk earrings are a must have.

Gear Earrings measure 1.7×1.9 inches, 43x47mm.

The stunning steampunk earrings are secured with a hoop style latch, adjustable with a pinch of pressure.

The industrial design earrings come in a simple but elegant gift box ready for gift giving or receiving.

These beautifully created gear earrings make the best holiday gift for your girlfriend or wife. Whether it be an anniversary gift, Valentine gift or a birthday gift, impress the special woman in your life with this unique present of jewelry.

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