Hot Pink Earrings VAN RORSI&MO Stud Earrings – 14k White Gold Plated Earrings




???????? Concept ???????? Earrings for women are flying like butterflies. They are free to be themselves.Butterfly stud earrings symbolize the transformation and freedom of women, and encourage women to show themselves boldly and embrace beautiful things.The butterfly body beads of the stud earrings for women contrast with the butterfly wings inlaid with cubic zirconia oxide.

???????? Stud Earrings for Women ???????? Butterfly earrings are 0.66 L * 0.39 W in size.The earrings for women are inlaid with 6mm * 8mm high quality 5A cubic zirconia, with beautiful color.A pair of stud earrings weighs 6.5g, making it easy to wear.

???????? Quality of Earrings ???????? Earrings for women are elegant and eye catching with 5A cubic zirconia water drop cutting.Cubic zirconia earrings are made of sterling silver with 14k white gold plated, which is not easy to oxidize and fade.Stud earrings for women dont contain lead, nickel and other heavy metals, hypoallergenic earrings, safe.

???????? Ideal Gifts ???????? On birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s day, mother’s day, Christmas and other special days, give her a special Butterfly stud earrings gifts.Elegant and versatile butterfly earrings for women are suitable for mothers, wives, daughters, girlfriends and other female friends.Gift is an important bridge to maintain close relationship. This pair of stud earrings will definitely be your ideal gifts for women.

???????? VAN RORSI&MO Service ???????? If there are any quality defects in the earrings for women, you can apply for refund within 30 days without any reason.If you have any questions about butterfly stud earrings for women, please contact us. We will have a professional team to answer your questions about stud earrings.

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