Small Endless Baby Girl Earrings Silver Ball Bead Gold Flash Sterling



FEATURE C This fashion hoop earrings display three pairs of polished lightweight tiny endless hoops with a single 3mm ball bead. They have a comfortable fit and are the perfect size. They can be used as hoop nose ring, hoop belly button rings, hoop body jewelry, hoop cartilage earrings, lip hoop rings and hoop piercing earrings. These earrings are an addition to your fine or fashion jewelry collection. Purchase these as hoop earrings for men, women, adults or teen girls.

CRAFTED – The endless hoop earrings are 10mm (about 3/8 Inch), created of fine gold flash sterling silver. NOTE: Closure is a bit tight; it will adjust after a couple of uses.

CARE – Keep from water cosmetics & chemical product. Clean with microfiber cloth

DISCLAIMER – These hoop earrings are genuine .925 sterling silver coated with tarnish resistant plating. Please do not purchase these earrings if you have sensitive ears; the tarnish resistant plating can possibly cause irritation.

ABOUT C We offer a variety of fine fashion gemstone CZ and fine metal jewelry

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