Small Silver Hoop Earrings Carillon Stylish Chrome Diopside Natural Gemstone Heart Shape



Well Shaped – These Handmade Chrome Diopside Sterling Silver Earrings will put you in spot light once you weared it. Perfect Earrings for perfect occasions like wedding, engegement, party, and festival.

Features – This earring is made of 925 Sterling Silver Yellow Gold Plated. Premium Quality Stud Gemstone earrings. Comfortable and affordable to wear.

Gemstone Details – All the gemstones are natural where main stone is Chrome Diopside ( Heart-Shape Shape).

100% Cashback Guarantee- In the (very) unlikely event that you arent satisfied, simply return for a 100% refund.

Precious Gift for Her -This 925 Sterling Silver Earrings set is a perfect gift for your sister, daughter, mom, wife, niece, best friend, girlfriend (or yourself!).

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